Australia The Great Southern Land Australia Great Southern Land of contrast, floods, fire, drought all at once somewhere on the same day. We are a proud nation, nothing came easy – we have our proud Military day, April 25th where we honour those who fought and died for us. OurRead More →

wear red on friday

Wear red on Friday in support of all our troops. Where did all this start – I really do not know. Someone had a bright idea to show support for our troops by wearing a red shirt every Friday. I guess the best thing written about it is on theRead More →

margaret thatcher

Margaret Thatcher – RIP. I unreservedly apologise to the family and decent British people for comments made by some of our politicians, notably Julia Gillard, Bob Carr and David O’Byrne and no doubt a few others. I also apologise and hang my head in shame about the conduct of manyRead More →

Halal Slaughter – see if you can watch the video all the way through – I couldn’t, it is horrific. We are supposed to be living in a civilized world. I dont think so. This is very graphic and one of the worst things I have ever seen. HalalRead More →

Barbaric Islam – the true history of the world. Barbaric Islam – the true history of the world. It isn’t as you think it was. It wasn’t the Romans that destroyed Rome, nor was it the invading Germans. Guess who destroyed Egypt? There is a lot more. [pro-player type=’video’ image=’’][/pro-player]Read More →

Islamic Disgrace of the worst kind and its happening right here. Mourners were told they were “not welcome” by a cleric at a former policeman’s funeral because they were non-Muslims. This is in Sydney Australia right now. We pride ourselves on multiculturalism? No way. Firstly, all condolences to the family.Read More →

KFC Filthy Shops – this isn’t the only one around. An image of a dirty kitchen inside an Adelaide Filthy KFC shop has gained widespread attention after it was posted to social media websites this week. Customer Shane Fergusson captured the image, which shows the KFC filthy shop fast foodRead More →