Adam Goodes – AFL player. He is a much touted and awarded player. Whether this is a good or bad thing I have no idea as I personally do not care one way or another about AFL. What I have seen is a disgrace of the worst kind and GoodesRead More →

The Family Law Court of Australia is as bad as these Islamics – Fact… They are working under United Nations orders – same as Governments are over these Islamics and deserve the same fate. British soldier murder, his name is Lee Rigby. The First Casualty of War is Innocence. ThisRead More →

Truth in Pictures – its the way to view the world with satire and humor. A picture saves a thousand words they say. It takes some-ones imagination and often dry sense of humor to put the world in perspective. Some you will like and some you won’t, I dont giveRead More →

Koran burning day

Koran Burning Day September 11th. This pic was the backlash after one was burned. The international movement is to burn 2,998 of the books on September 11th at 5pm in the evening. Don’t think it matters where you are or what time zone, that is the date and time. RememberRead More →

Australian Legacy bigger than all of us will ever be.If anyone wants to try and discredit or destroy the Australian Military you are going to have to get past these good people. I hold the view they are the backbone of it all. If there was a reason to fightRead More →

labor party budget

This is Labor’s idea of a budget – Labor Budget 2013 Actually idiot Wayne Swan, the only thing we understand is that the election cannot come soon enough. More the pity someone didn’t shoot a few of you a couple of years ago and let me promise you no-one inRead More →

Islamic radical eid

Mahmoud Eid – Islamic Radical Gaoled. A devout religious man who “only stands for God” has been jailed for a minimum of almost three years for his part in a Sydney riot during which he kicked a celebrated police dog. This mongrel is typical of the Islamics that come intoRead More →