This website isn’t making this up at all. Please read on. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that the world and this country is in turmoil at every turn. There is the strong prospect of civil war or if you like, a revolution. Much the same thing I guess.Read More →

I have to admit this whole sorry arsed saga dropped the credibility of the fashion industry to below rock bottom. Rather than offer any views on it better the picture tell the whole story. This is about the criticism by Lyn Yaeger of Vogue on Melania Trump. Let the pictureRead More →

This website has been putting up post after post on the refugee issue in Italy and it seems to me there is a real issue of complacency out there. Its been called click bait, fake news and everything else. I have seen it for myself and wake up you lot,Read More →

It is to be noted that this website does not blame the Magistrate at all. They are bound to comply with the written law. The problem lies elsewhere. A MAN accused of trying to get on a domestic flight in Brisbane with a false boarding pass before threatening to bombRead More →