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about novamagic

Novamagic is a privately owned and run website. It is based in NSW Australia.

One of the most common questions asked is what does Novamagic mean and where did it come from. It doesn’t mean anything at all, was just a name that was thought of as it sounded nice and rolls off the tongue quite easily. Nothing hard about that.

Pretty much all media is resident on the server and in most cases sources are cited. Sometimes we forget to include it but that’s life.

We are under no political or social control whatsoever and will remain that way. Anyone who deserves to be publicly named and shamed will be and we don’t care who it is.

This website stands for decent moral standards and civil decency. This is in rapid decline and from all appearances will go down even further. It is noted that the decline of any civilization begins with moral decay, your history books show that as a truth.


Novamagic Community does not believe in:

  • Same sex marriage
  • Safe schools
  • Corruption in any form at any level
  • Halal certification
  • Terrorist style acts where even the terrorists have rights. They have none
  • Any excuses for acts of terrorism
  • Any excuses for trafficking of drugs
  • Any excuses possible for child molesting
  • Gun control
  • Feminism
  • Forced vaccinations on the scale it is now. This website concedes some things need to be vaccinated against, polio etc
  • Unchecked immigration
  • The United Nations and EEU
  • There is more but you get the drift we hope,

This website does not have a problem with gays and the like. Most are very nice and decent people, its just gay marriage that is the problem. Novamagic believes in freedom but not free to impose their lifestyle on others.

This website will publish anything of interest from the inane to the serious.

This website does not believe that marijuana is a harmless drug at all. It is a drug of addiction and there is way too much evidence to show that is the case. We do however believe in the benefits of medicinal cannabis as there is more than enough evidence to show its value.

This website is for all purposes, a cyber Paul Revere if that helps

Please enjoy the website it is a mine of information.