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Adam Goodes – AFL player. He is a much touted and awarded player. Whether this is a good or bad thing I have no idea as I personally do not care one way or another about AFL. What I have seen is a disgrace of the worst kind and Goodes really should smarten up and get a life. Seriously.What I do find is the players (all codes) of Aboriginal descent usually are very good players and totally great sportsmen (women).

Then came along this incident with this 13 year old girl. OK, it wasn’t nice. It goes something like this:

adam goodesSydney AFL star Adam Goodes has revealed on Twitter that the 13-year-girl who called him an “ape” at the MCG last night has called him to apologise. “Just received a phone call from a young girl apologizing (sic) for her actions. Lets (sic) support her please,” Goodes wrote. Goodes had told a media conference earlier that he was “shattered” as a result of the girl’s taunt, which came late in the Swans victory over Collingwood. Despite being devastated, the dual Brownlow Medalist refused to blame the girl, saying that he believed she is still innocent and was only repeating what she had heard. “I don’t put any blame on her, it’s what she hears. It’s the environment she’s grown up in that has made her think it’s okay to call people names.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever been more hurt by someone calling me a name then I was last night,” he said. “Not because of what was said but because of where it came from, a 13-year-old girl.” Goodes hoped his stand would help both the perpetrators and victims of racial abuse in society. “I hope me standing here and telling people how it’s affected me helps people out there. I hope it helps people who have done in it in the past to know that a simple name, a simple word can cut so deep.”

“It’s unacceptable and it hurts.”

“We have to help people better educate society so that it doesn’t happen again.” Goodes pointed to the 13-year-old and the supporter was led from the venue by security staff. The 33-year-old said he was deeply upset when he turned around and saw that the racial taunt had come from someone so young. “When I turned around I just saw this young face, it was so sad.” Goodes said he hoped that the girl would receive support and education. AFL chief executive Andrew Demetriou said the league would offer the girl counseling, but said the incident would be used to highlight to supporters that racial abuse was unacceptable.

Goodes was so distressed that he left the field immediately after his side’s 47-point victory over Collingwood in the round nine clash at the MCG. Sydney won 15.12 (102) to 8.7 (55) with Goodes in tremendous form in the opening match of the AFL’s Indigenous Round, kicking three goals and gathering 30 possessions. Collingwood president Eddie McGuire went into the Sydney change rooms after the match to offer his apologies for the incident and Longmire said he appreciated the gesture. “I spoke to Adam, and he told me what he’d heard,” McGuire told Channel Seven.

“I apologised to him on behalf of the Collingwood Football Club and football people in general. “We have a zero tolerance at the Eddie McGuireCollingwood football club on this. It’s devastating.” Collingwood coach Nathan Buckley said the fan’s behaviour was disappointing. “I believe it was a young girl. That speaks more to how much more work we need to do in this regard,” he said. “We’ll support Adam in this situation and do anything we need to do to further improve the attitudes in society.”

Lets look at a few things here.. First Adam, you should have shut up and let it go, grow some bloody balls will you? But no, you wanted to carry on like a poor hurt little queer . I recall the same thing happening with Timana Tahu. Great player but… Someone sledged him a bit racially and then he went on a huge dummy spit. At that point he lost all respect from me. Same as Goodes has done. Even Indians admit a bit of racial sledging is all fair in cricket. Wake up Goodes – Like Tahu you are a sniveling bloody sook and deserve no recognition as a man.

Then there was Eddie McGuire – so all full of contrition. The bloody prick is a two faced piece of shit that needs his head kicked in without delay. Lets look at what he carried on about shall we:

McGuire doesn’t believe he’ll face any fine or ban after suggesting Goodes, who was last week called an ape by a fan, would be a good person to promote the musical King Kong. “I wasn’t racially vilifying anybody,” McGuire told a packed media conference in Melbourne. He says he unreservedly apologises but isn’t considering resigning. “I’m not a racist. I’ve done a lot of things in the past and continue to fight for the cause of equality in Australia. “People don’t resign because they make a slip of the tongue. It’s as simple as that.

“If I stood up and was racially vilifying somebody then not only should I be resigning I should be sacked.” Days after saying sorry to the Sydney star for a 13-year-old Magpies fan’s racist taunt, McGuire says he unreservedly apologised for his remarks during his breakfast show on Triple M in Melbourne on Wednesday. McGuire has apologised to the Aboriginal Swans player, who he says was “really upset” but accepted his apology. n”Adam was gracious enough to take my call and expressed his disappointment `particularly given what we’ve been through together last weekend’,” McGuire said. “I agreed entirely with him and I’m devastated that I am responsible for bringing this issue back into the public arena. “I sincerely apologise for the hurt caused.”

Now Miranda Devine I think got it right:

THE 13-year-old girl vilified for accidentally making a racist slur against indigenous footballer Adam Goodes is the daughter of a single mother on a disability pension, from one of the most underprivileged and powerless backgrounds possible. Yet the elites of Australia’s sport and media have not stopped smashing her and her family as racist rednecks. The debacle began on Friday night at the MCG when the girl, a Collingwood fan, leaned across from her front row seat and shouted at Swans player Goodes: “You’re an ape”. Understandably this upset Goodes, since ape is understood by most people, although not the girl, to be a racist slur. So he pointed her out to stadium officials. Fair enough. But her treatment since has been unforgivable, starting with the security guards who paraded her through a jeering crowd, the police who detained her, to the AFL officials who decided to make an example of her and the media that spread her name and picture far and wide.

Goodes is the least culpable, but his statement: “Racism had a face – and it was a 13-year-old girl” was hyperbole that fanned the hysteria, even if he did say it wasn’t her fault. Later he tried to make amends by calling off the witch-hunt. But by then it was too late. A respected, highly-paid footballer, the powerful institution of the AFL and the collective force of the mass media had unleashed a witless, cowardly mob on a vulnerable little girl. The girl, who we will call Samantha, lives with her single mother and two sisters, aged 15 and 16, in a small town in the depressed Gippsland area of Victoria. Her father, estranged from the family, is unemployed and lives in the even more depressed Latrobe Valley. She only turned 13 last month, and has a sweet baby face, though she is tall for her age. Goodes said he knew she was young when he called her out.

“She is just a child,” says her mother Joanne, who is on a disability pension, with agoraphobia, anxiety and depression. “It’s been a media circus for a single word she didn’t even understand was racist. He was a big bloke with a hairy face. That’s all she meant. It was one moment taken way out of proportion.” Joanne split from the father of her girls when Samantha was a baby, but his mother, Lucy, aka “Nana”, who works at the Hazelwood power station, “helps a lot”. Nana bought AFL season tickets for the girls and drives a six-hour round trip to Melbourne to take them to Collingwood games. It was the highlight of Samantha’s life – until Friday.

“She was crying when (the security guards) took her away,” says Joanne. “She thought they were just going to take her to the top of the steps and talk to her.”

Instead she was taken to the stadium police, questioned and detained from 10.10pm to 12.20am while her grandmother and sisters were told to stay where they were. “She was beside herself.” Goodes was asked if he wanted to press charges. He didn’t, but what a chilling concept.Joanne, was at home watching the news when she saw the incident: “My godfather – that’s my daughter!” Nana didn’t get the girls home till 3am. Little did they know of the media firestorm that would extend to New York and London. Samantha rang Goodes the next day and wrote him a letter: “I’m sorry for being racist. I didn’t mean any harm and now I’ll think twice before I speak.” Goodes accepted her apology with good grace. But the baying guardians of public morality wouldn’t let up.

To me, quite clearly that little girl got it right about these useless pansy arsed fairies.

It all seems to have gotten a lot worse over the last few days. From what I read Eddie McGuire is now requited to front some kind of AFL panel with a please explain. All I am reading now is Eddie made some kind of comment about Goodes can help with the promotion of King Kong or something. Better get used to it guys, racism is alive and well. Kick up all you want to Goodes, your career is over.

Apology to the girl required now from Adam Goodes.


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