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Advertise with a high hit rate website - More bang for your buck.

advertise marketingAdvertise and/or market with us. A high hit rate and popular site growing rapidly.We offer cheaper than industry standard rates – we recognise a percentage of your hits will be from search engines although our software has the ability to stop and block this to a point. There are rogue bots out there. Cannot be fairer than that.

There are 3 basic types of ways to do business.

  1. Pay per thousands of impressions. Quite cheap and great for product exposure.
  2. Pay per click. The ad impressions cost nothing however when some-one clicks to your site you are then charged,
  3. Simple commission based percentage of successful sales. The advertisement costs nothing to run. We accept the risks

In the case of 1 and 2 our software tracking system takes care of it all. You get access to your own admin style page in the website so you can look at the progress of your campaign. Here you upload your advertising banners, make payments and etc. You have quite a deal of control over your advertising.

In the case of 3 you will run your own affiliate software where we have access to our tracking and statistics. We simply supply the impressions on Novamagic.

All advertisements will be ROS (run of site) and can be country targeted. This though is only as good as the information your internet service provider sends out as to location. This applies to anyone offering a similar service.

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