Asylum Seeker Children Self Harming

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Asylum Seeker Children Self Harming.

Now we have heard it all. In a recent article on ninemsn it was well reported but… Some facts are missing. Those facts were put in rather well by flockers. The two key people in the article are Australian Medical Association’s Northern Territory president Paul Bauert and former Australian human rights commissioner Sev Ozdowski. Now who are Bauert and Ozdowski?

Ozdowski First:

dr sev ozdowski
dr sev ozdowski



He is a former United Nations human rights Commisioner. Dr Ozdowski’s life-long commitment to multiculturalism, human rights and civil society has been officially recognised in a variety of different ways; by an Order of Australia Medal in 1995, the Chevalier of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Poland in 2000 and most recently by an honorary doctorate from Melbourne’s RMIT University. Basically, an activist. Says a lot and states a reality about the United nations.






Where is he honoured the most? A University of Western Sydney website and this is what the website promotes. The banner reads, this is Oz, speak up for an inclusive Australia. The bottom line is interesting:

ACON (NSW’s leading GLBT health promotion agency), Lesbian and Gay Anti-Violence Project, City of Sydney, NSW Police Force, Department of Justice and Attorney General, Anti-Violence Project of Victoria, NSW Young Lawyers Human Rights Committee (Same-Sex and Anti-Discrimination Working Groups), Amnesty International Australia NSW LGBTQ Network, Diversity Council Australia, Twenty10, NSW Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby, National LGBT Health Alliance, Metropolitan Community Church Sydney, The Gender Centre, Highschoolers Against Homophobia and others.
Now thats activism words, not that of an impartial Human Rights Commissioner.


Now for Paul Bauert:

Paul Bauert
Paul Bauert

Dr Paul Bauert is Director of Paediatrics at Royal Darwin Hospital and has worked in Darwin and serviced Aboriginal communities for over 25 years. He is President of the Northern Territory branch of the Australian Medical Association (AMA), and is currently on the AMA’s Indigenous Health Task Force. He is a strong advocate for justice and improving Aboriginal health. Dr Bauert has always spoken out about issues of justice and the need to improve Indigenous health even when these opinions have not been popular. In 2002 he received the AMA President’s Award for his passionate and persistent advocacy for improvements in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health. He is passionate about supporting Indigenous people and remote area nurses in their struggle to deliver services under difficult conditions.


OK Paul, you have done well and all of Australia will applaud you for your efforts and yes in many things you say, you are right.

On ninemsn from you:

“There’s definitely been cases of attempted suicide and even cases of some young children taking up hunger strikes. There’s been some close calls.”

The government has pledged to move all children out of detention by the end of next month, but Dr Bauert said the transfer was not happening fast enough.

Children who experienced hardship and stress in their first years often carried it with them for the rest of their lives, said Dr Bauert, who urged the government to release all children from detention immediately.

“We know that 95 per cent of these kids are going to end up Australian citizens and what we are doing is damaging them,” he said.

“It’s just not the Australian way.”

Rights groups have criticised Australia’s system of mandatory detention for asylum seekers awaiting processing, with the nation’s Human Rights Commission last week warning suicide and depression were major concerns in the centres.
There is a difference Paul, these are illegals and for the most part not genuine refugees. These kids dont self harm all by themselves, get real. Its the adults that are encouraging them. They are too young to know about it. Its the gutless parents who are putting the kids up to it. You seriously want these people in this country? Please, get the facts right and stop trying to tug at our heart strings with “the intrests of children” rubbish.

Factually, we didnt have this problem under Howard. With the left wing looneys that all support for has ceased its now seems to become a reality, abeit a put up one. All other political tactics have failed to sway anyone, now the kids are being used.

Reality is, these are Taliban stunts, put the kids up as defences. That is a fact. You lot are as bad as them and it wont work.



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