Illegal Immigrant Boat Drownings & Ian Rintoul

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Update: Boxing day 2010

As I wrote below, we really dont know how many others go down en route. It appears 97 more have drowned.

Refugee advocates who have been making inquiries in Indonesia say they have been told the missing boat was organised by an Algerian people smuggler and was “lost”.

Its very hard for me to be in any way sympathetic to the people recently drowned. They are illegals, they knew the risks. We dont want them here in the first place.

If this gutless Government headed by Julia Gillard had adopted proper policies to discourage such refugees as had been done previously then the high probability is that this event wiould not have happened. It is a cocktail of numbers, time and events and bound to happen sooner or later. Nothing more. The truth is we have no idea of how many we dont know sink without trace en route

Now I read the refugee advocates want to grant immediate visas to the survivors for all their suffering and trauma.


“Refugee advocate Ian Rintoul says survivors of the sinking off Australia’s north coast should be spared the misery of detention while their claims are processed.


As ar as I am concerned the whole practice should be stopped, these boats are arriving at the rate of one every 3 days, previously it was 3 a year. So who is to blame for it all?

Maybe the best idea is to save the tragedies is for the people to simply junp aboard any plane, fare to be paid for by the Government, and when they arrive take them straight to the Sheraton on the Park Hotel and grant immediate citizenship. That would of course prevent such future drownings. And why not? It isnt far off that now.

The option now is to give the survivors the bill for their rescue, we do it every other time so why not here? Oh yes, the funeral costs, pass that onto the families who dies. Why should we pay for it?

Wake up Gillard, you are a total failure and screwing this country right up.

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