Australia – A Third World Country

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Australia – A Third World Country – It Wasn’t But Now It Is

I Simply Could Not Believe This When I Read It, Sadly Its True…

Straight Out Of The Middle Ages…..

100% Total Incompetence…

A series of failures by doctors in two Sydney hospitals contributed to the tragic and unnecessary death of an eight-year-old boy who had appendicitis, a coroner has found.

Shortly before Jacob Belim underwent emergency surgery, his parents were told “go in there, kiss your son, hug him and tell him you love him because it might be the last time he gets to hear you.”

Jacob died at the Royal Alexandra Hospital for Children at Westmead, about 2.30am on March 28, 2009, three days after his GP correctly diagnosed a burst appendix and referred him to a hospital for urgent surgery.

But a series of blunders, including a later misdiagnosis and ignored requests by his parents for an ultrasound, resulted in him waiting 12.5 hours before treatment.

NSW Deputy State Coroner Scott Mitchell on Monday said the boy’s death was a preventable tragedy.

Jacob spent a wasted seven hours at Liverpool Hospital after he was sent there by an ambulance officer who wasn’t aware it didn’t offer paediatric surgical services.

He was also misdiagnosed after emergency department registrar Claire Ferreira failed to adequately consult the ambulance notes, read the GP’s letter of referral or arrange an ultrasound.

“I cannot see how she could have failed to see that Jacob was significantly ill and that the requirement of surgery was extremely urgent,” the coroner said, adding that she would have known by 11.30am it was likely he needed an operation at another hospital.

Further failings by Dr Sam Nassar, a paediatric registrar who recorded Jacob was suffering from a bowel obstruction, also suggested a “less than adequate intervention”.

About 3.30pm, a visiting medical officer directed Jacob be transferred to the Children’s Hospital at Westmead.

The coroner said the referral came hours later than it should have.

Surgical registrar Bhaveshkumar Patel said despite Liverpool Hospital’s diagnosis, he believed it was most likely the appendix and the appropriate course was surgery.

Despite this, he maintained an ultrasound was needed, but it didn’t happen until 8.40pm and Jacob’s mother, Yvonne Belim, said she waited for about 15 minutes for the procedure because the operator was eating.

About 10.30pm, five hours after his arrival, Jacob went into theatre.

The coroner said the surgery could have been performed at 7.15pm but the surgical team “still hankered after a diagnosis of bowel obstruction and still had doubts about a burst appendix”.

Following the operation, anaesthetist Susan Hale said she thought Jacob had responded well to treatment and did not need intensive care.

But the coroner disagreed, saying Jacob’s extremely poor condition meant he should have had almost constant monitoring.

The following day, it was noted Jacob was in a “critical and perilous condition”. He died about 2.30am during emergency surgery.

“It was tragic what happened and could have been avoided,” the coroner said.

Jacob’s parents, Emanuel and Yvonne, who told the inquest their son was a “gentle, kind, honest and funny” boy, said they plan to launch civil proceedings.

“The system failed us you know. It shouldn’t have happened,” Mr Belim said.

“Where can you send your kids if you can’t trust the hospitals?”

The coroner recommended guidelines for hospital staff regarding the circumstances in which appendicitis may call for urgent surgical treatment.

The coroner recommended what? This is the biggest single stupid act of all. Try ciminal negligence for all concerned. Ah well, we made a mistake. Who cares, Coroner yelled a bit. Next !!!! Ha ha ha ha ha…. The obvious is there as well. All Foreigners. The Coroner is part of the problem, but thats usual. Cannot blame any foreigners at all. Gets bad press.

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