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Australian Centre for Contemporary Art

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Australian Centre for Contemporary Art. Now if I was as rotten as a chop on a Saturday night and shit in the gutter in The Rocks in George St Sydney, I can claim it was a work of art. These tossers expect people to pay good money to watch what you may jokingly call artists do exactly that – shit on a stage and call it art.

mikala dwyerThis is the brainchild of Mikala Dwyer. She no doubt considers herself quite arty and I have no idea of what the hell I am talking about. This is what she had to say about it according to The Age newspaper:

The two-hour act saw the six dancers, masked but naked beneath sheer garments, move around a room in the gallery before sitting on transparent stools and performing – only if they were moved to do so – what is usually one of our most private and rarely discussed daily acts.

Dwyer said the one-off performance was not designed as a mere shock tactic. Rather, she hoped ACCA visitors would think and talk about something we have been socialised to consider dirty and shameful, and have historically hidden from view, even though it is perfectly natural. In turn, they might transform other institutionalised ideas about the world.

While it all might set tongues wagging, Dwyer, a highly respected artist with an impressive CV who is a painting lecturer at the University of Sydney, hopes we will do so with seriousness, maturity and sensitivity. As she said, this is humanity’s most democratic act: from royalty and supermodels to politicians or the tiniest newborn baby, we all participate in this necessary biological function. ”Shit has a great truth to it,” she said.

ACCA director Juliana Engberg said the centre exists to support each exhibiting artist’s vision. ”Of course, contemporary art is sometimes very challenging, but ACCA’s role is to work with challenging ideas,” she said.

”When Mikala brought this idea of a performance and film dealing with material transformation and ritual to us, we evaluated it as a key and bold move in her practice, one that links to a long artistic legacy looking a alchemical transformation and magical performance. The work, while challenging taboos, never becomes sensational or gratuitous. It’s wonderful, powerful work.”

ACCA did extensive public and occupational health and safety risk assessments. The transparent seats were covered at all times during the performance and exhibition opening. They were partly emptied, disinfected, sealed and returned to the gallery after the performance and no staff handled them.

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I put this image gallery about shitting here as art in honour of you sick idiots out there in the art community. You lot are no doubt the same ones that support gay marriage, the so called poor hard done by boat people, CO2 gas problems and every other fucked up left wing ratbag idea going around. You call this art, I dont think so, bloody sick perverted low life scum degrading the morals of a decent society.

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