Australian Commando vs. Lyn McDade

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  1. Soldiers are soldiers because it’s what they want to be. Soldiers of the Australian Army do so with the highest of ethics. For thsi charge to be brought is just plain ludicross. It’s hard enmough in the battle field fighting the enemy, this action has now delivered to the enemay another weapon, and a fearful one at that. This enemy of ours on the ground is no respecter of huyman life and martyrs abound. I see martyrs being ‘sacrificed’ and then the bleating will start about unarmed civilians. Now our soldiers have to fight them on the ground and fight this same enemy in the courtroom. the taliban must see us a the greatest pack of dills they have ever fought with the bringing of this charge. You would have to question the background of the people bringing these charges. Whose side are they on?

    this whol thing has the whiff of another Breaker Morant trial

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