The popularity of Novamagic has propelled it from the ten millionth to the seven hundred thousandths most popular website in the world in just six weeks. We Need your help – so I have set up the Facebook Novamagic Community to join. We need an army of volunteers do repostRead More →

The EU’s relentless dumping of hundreds of thousands of unscreened Muslim illegal aliens and potentially dangerous Islamic jihadists from Syria, has caused a not-unexpected surge in anti-Muslim ‘racism.’ (What ‘race’ is Islam?) UK Daily Mail (h/t Susan K) In Germany, the backlash has become so extreme, that many Muslims want to go backRead More →

The pic on the left is one I consider the funniest. It depicts him when he made a shot at securing the gay vote and endorsed gay marriage. was deposed by the viscous and very vindictive Julia Gillard who went onto even greater disgraces. Gillard is most famous for theRead More →

labor party budget

This is Labor’s idea of a budget – Labor Budget 2013 Actually idiot Wayne Swan, the only thing we understand is that the election cannot come soon enough. More the pity someone didn’t shoot a few of you a couple of years ago and let me promise you no-one inRead More →

labor party losing

Labor Party on fast downhill slide. The polls are in and it looks good for Australia. The downhill slide is on and they will not recover. Julia Gillard is so hell bent on her own path she would rather decimate the party than be half way honest. If she bailedRead More →

  The Most Hated Woman in Australia The Most Hated Woman in Australia is a Facebook page dedicated to Julia Gillard. There is no doubt about the intent of the page – it tells it like it is. All sorts of bad behavior, deceit treachery and lies are here. Julia GillardRead More →