Hits: 53Liberal Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s Gender Equality Campaign – this is from Andrew Bolt – not Novamagic but, he has nailed it. A pathetic piss poor performing Government in total shambles. For Christ sakes, select on ability, no wonder we are screwed. From Andrew Bolt this morning: – RememberRead More →

Hits: 41Hell – we all know that Baird was rotten to the core in every way possible. We are all aware that the State has been raped of its assets wholesale. Baird went gang busters trying to sell everything and no doubt a lot of pockets have been lined. IRead More →

Hits: 91RICE – I want all Muslims to know that the Australian Greens support them – She said ALL folks, that includes terrorists Greens Senator Janet Rice: Today around the world Muslims are coming under attack from all sides. They are being attacked and killed by terrorists in their homeRead More →