The popularity of Novamagic has propelled it from the ten millionth to the seven hundred thousandths most popular website in the world in just six weeks. We Need your help – so I have set up the Facebook Novamagic Community to join. We need an army of volunteers do repostRead More →

The EU’s relentless dumping of hundreds of thousands of unscreened Muslim illegal aliens and potentially dangerous Islamic jihadists from Syria, has caused a not-unexpected surge in anti-Muslim ‘racism.’ (What ‘race’ is Islam?) UK Daily Mail (h/t Susan K) In Germany, the backlash has become so extreme, that many Muslims want to go backRead More →

muslim gang rapes

Muslim gang rapes are a serious worldwide problem. The very high incidence. of this worldwide is very scary. Most of it it is covered up through political correctness and people being scared. Its bad enough being raped but add into that being raped by people who repulse you is quiteRead More →

This pack of hoons and thugs are at it again. The most rotten group of cops that NSW has bar none. Violent, lacking in any social skills and they wonder why the community turns against them. The scene is Avalon – somewhere on the Australian coast as they say. PeacefulRead More →

Bali Nine Mule Andrew Chan is to cop a bullet, serves him right and in my view the rest should have copped it as well. Eight Kilos of heroin is not exactly personal use in any form, or one hell of a habit. You May Also Like These Articles MASSIVERead More →