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How in hell are we going to, with a clear conscience, go after these radicals and criminals when the bloody politicians themselves are as crooked as and cannot legally represent us? No wonder we are stuffed, it is going to take a civil war to sort these lot out. We are most certainly run by foreigners most of whom no doubt are under someone else’s control. This website has already written about Malcolm Roberts und Khali Eideh. I guess the most idiotic goat shagger of all goes without saying, ich Daysari. These two camel jockeys would of course be exempt because …. Just because

barnaby halal joyce

Lets take the simple case of Barnaby (Halal) Joyce. A search of this site will show that this website have never been kind to him at all. And he is Deputy PM? This prick sells the country out on a daily basis.

plibersek coutts trotter

Even The Drug runners wife Tanya Plibersek has some serious questions about her Slovenian past. No doubt a bit of heroin from hubby (Michael Coutts Trotter) can sort this out.



Penny Wong und Partner

Lets not forget our favorite dyke that has really made a mess of the whole same sex marriage debacle, yep Penny Wong. This idiot has shown conclusively that she doesnt know shit from clay and all she is interested in is which bitch she will have that night.


The list goes on and on and on.

wieder Haben Sie das System heruntergerissen und starten wollen
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