Respekt und Vertrauen Poll

5 (100%) 1 Abstimmung

Dies ist eine Umfrage, die getan werden muss, most talk about it few understand it and a lot have no idea at all. We are living in troubled times and the need to know who we can rely on is becoming more crucial every day as most of us can clearly see serious trouble ahead.

Your views on this are most important as we clearly have to know where the people we will rely on are and who we automatically support. Some seem to think of because who they are the must get respectothers demand it where none is deserved. Others have a long history of lies and deceit. You weigh up all these factors and vote please.

Normally when Novamagic has a poll it allows for alternate answers and multiple choice but not this time, the issue is too crucial.

Wen halten Sie im höchsten Respekt und Vertrauen in den meist

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