EG Gough Whitlam

EG Gough Whitlam

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EG Gough Whitlam Labor Prime Minister

Gough Whitlam is the father of the destruction of modern Australia, lets not get our facts wrong here. The current lot of labor are simply continuing the tradition started by EG Whitlam. Gough certainly knew how to twist the truth and something they have continued on with ever since. Gough Whitlam was a lawyer. The tradition continued with Julia Gillard. Gough Whitlam set out with a deliberate mandate from the United nations to destroy Australia. Except for the sacking by John Kerr the Governor General of the day he may very well have succeeded.

The only real connection I ever had directly with Gough Whitlam went to Vietnam 2 years after the fall of Saigon. Me and 2 other Australians were on that Air France Jumbo from Bangkok to Ho Chi Minh City. That and the crew were the only ones on the flight in. Going out it was full. There was only one flight a week. We spoke to Gough for about 2 hours about lots of things. He was actually quite pissed off at us being there, not at us personally but at the fact that we walked in and no visas whereas he had to wait 2 years to enter the country. On arrival I was the first one out of the Jumbo giving me the title of (as best as I know) the second Aussie expat to go into Vietnam after the war apart from Embassy staff. The 3 of us got on the bus and waited. Gough finally departed the Jumbo and there was the usual array of dignitaries there complete with the Limo to take him to the terminal. He received his bouquet of flowers and etc. One thing Gough did then that earned my undying respect – he was an incredible diplomat and brilliant at thinking on his feet. He decided to take the bus with us, just like a commoner would, didn’t want the Limo. He was after all in a Socialist State now and had to play the part. He confided that much to us on the bus to the terminal. There is no record I can find anywhere on the internet about this particular trip. I dont think there was anything of a secretive nature about it at all, It was Gough trying to re-establish diplomatic relations wit a previous enemy. No problem there. This account therefore is the only one available of a few hours of time as there was understandably a real shortage of people there at the time.


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