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Guys, keep your eye on the ball, this issue please. This is the issue and no other. There is plenty of talk about uprisings, civil wars, revolts and rebellions. There is no doubt these will happen as the signs are there and already started. This is the reason for a civil war. Please make it your business to stay focused on this issue mainly. Please share this around as it is the truth.

The Europe that we all knew is now gone. We all know about the massive unchecked Islamic invasion yet there has been another far worse and more insidious sinister war is being being fought. The gender neutral, same sex marriage, escuelas seguras (haga clic aquí) or whatever you want to call it. All the above and more actually. It has destroyed Europe while everyone was asleep worrying about the Islamic’s. This is what will happen in Australia, Britain and the USA if action isnt taken.


europe finished

In Australia we have the SSM mob howling the place down about “derechos”. This whole thing has nothing to do with most people’s acceptance of gays, most that I know are really very decent people. Its the radicalslike everywhere that are the problem. They as a very small group rattle cages loud enough to make most thing they are a huge outfit. They are not. A rather well thought outeducation” programa – read propaganda to convince people of how harmless it all is.

Bill Shorten (Bull Shitten) the illegal Labor leader of the opposition in Parliament as a dual national (whewthat was a mouthful) has clearly stated regardless of the plebiscite result if Labor gets elected he will introduce it anyway. So whats the point?

Here is a video from Europe explaining exactly what is going on there and will happen here.

Wil se vota por el matrimonio del mismo sexo

Normalmente Novamagic permite un sondeo de la plena democracia donde se puede añadir sus propias respuestas. Esta vez se trata como un referéndum, sólo una respuesta, no hay maybes, ¿y si de o cualquier otra cosa, si o no.

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