Islámicos declararse culpable de intento de bombardear edificios de la ciudad

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There is a total of 6 involved here. They not only pleaded guilty but showed the usual Sharia disrespect for the Courts by refusing to standas did their families. Why in hell are these lot here at all? I presume we are all racists now because we dont tolerate that crap. Take the poll at the bottom.

australian terrorists

Two men and a teenager have pleaded guilty to plotting a terrorist attack on government buildings, including police headquarters, in Sydney almost three years ago.

Jibryl Almaouie, 23, and Sulayman Khalid, 22, pleaded guilty in the NSW Supreme Court in Parramatta on Monday to conspiring to carry out an act of terror in late 2014.

Another person under 18, que no puede ser nombrado, also pleaded guilty to the plan, which involved carrying out the attacks with firearms.

The two men and the teen who pleaded guilty on Monday are among six involved in the plot.

Three other men implicated in the plan, Mohammed Almarie, Farhad Said and Ibrahim Ghazzawi, all pleaded guilty in April to the lesser charge of knowingly making a document likely to facilitate a terrorist act.

The trio who pleaded guilty on Monday did not stand when Justice Geoff Bellew entered the courtroom. Neither did their families watching from the public gallery.

Not guilty, oh sorry, I mean guilty,” Khalid said upon entering his plea to the charge.

Khalid and Almaouie were remanded in custody, while lawyers for the teen argued his strict bail should be continued, but Justice Bellew revoked it.

The teen smiled and blew a kiss to his family, who cried, as he was led away into custody.

The charge of conspiring to do acts in preparation of a terrorist act carries a maximum sentence of life in prison.

The three are due to reappear for sentencing submissions in early October.


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