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pobre de mí, does One Nation ever stop to think and see the damage they are doing to themselves? They blew the West Australian election out the door with their behaviour. They are about to do the same in Queensland. I will run book now, they will be very lucky to get 2 seats in Queensland. I stated prior to the WA election they wouldn’t win any and I was right when they expected 12 a 20 lower house seats. Prior to last Federal I predicted 4 a 5 senate seats. Yep I got that right as well.

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There is a poll at the bottom for people to put their views on how many seats they think One Nation might win.

Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party has dumped another Queensland state election candidate.

John Cox was planning to stand for the party in the electorate of Redcliffe, al norte de Brisbane.

Mr Cox made headlines earlier this year over comments on social media questioning the 9/11 attacks in the United States.

At the time One Nation stood by him, but that has now changed.

He is the eighth candidate the party has lost in Queensland, seven have been dumped or forced withdraw their candidacy in the lead up to the election.

john cox

State campaign director Michael Pucci confirmed to the ABC Mr Cox was no longer running for the seat.

He said the move was overinternal stuff”, añadiendo “people leave for various reasons”.

Mr Pucci refused to confirm if the dumping was over controversy caused by Mr Cox, only saying he was not involved in the decision process.

The decision was made by the executive,” él dijo.

Mr Pucci said One Nation was now looking for a new candidate for Redcliffe.

Mr Cox’s profile has been removed from the One Nation website, and his Facebook page appears to have been deleted.

He joins the growing list of candidates who have been dropped by the party for various reasons ahead of the state poll.

The first to be dumped was the candidate for Currumbin Andy Semple, who refused to delete a tweet about the LGBTI community.

Peter Rogers was dumped as the endorsed candidate for Mulgrave after he claimed the Port Arthur massacre was faked, and Elise Cottam was sacked as a candidate for Callide after not paying a campaign fee.

Let me tell you a bit about the Peter Rogers Saga. It isn’t exactly as history has written it at all. I was the one who built his website and made him one of the most recognised and popular candidates there was in QLD. Peter could have led One Nation to a huge victory in QLD, he had many thousands in his email database. Pauline Hanson and James Ashby didn’t like that, they wanted their ex Liberal Party hacks to be top dog. Winning the election was not the priority with Pauline. They wil pay the price. Exactly the same thing that happened in WA. Peter, running for Senate, started out campaigning 3 weeks before the election, and won 10% de los votos. If I had 2 months more he would have been a Senator now.

Diane Happ, the former candidate for Mermaid Beach, fell out with One Nation over the cost of electoral material and Mark Ellis quit running for Macalister after bad publicity about an incident in his former police career.

Bundamba candidate Shan Ju Lin was disendorsed by the party after making anti-gay comments.

Ms Hanson said in a statement at the time that Ms Lin’s comments werenot the views shared by One Nation.

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