Family Court of Australia Corruption

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Family Court of Australia Corruption is rampant and out of control

Family Court of Australia Corruption

justice david collierFrom the outset, I offer no doubts that you are an honest person. There were a couple of things you said that made that perfectly obvious and an absolute truth. Well done, not many people like you around.

With that, you will suffer one massive failing that honest Lawyers suffer. That being if another Lawyer tells you something supposedly of fact then you automatically accept it without question, logic being they are Lawyers and above reproach. Let’s move onto the next level. Judges, they are beyond reproach. The next thing is that if a Lawyer hands you documentation you accept it as factual, especially when it is supposed to be factual.

In the above, I hold the advantage that I don’t trust anyone at all. Lawyers, Judges, Politicians etc are top of the list. In most instances they will fabricate anything…

In talking to you there was the view that I was over reading things too much. Well no, that isn’t the case at all. I once had a psychiatrist determine I was paranoid and delusional. He got it wrong, I wasn’t. It was beyond his scope of understanding that Judges, Police etc are dishonest. It went further than that… I ended up nominating others and got it right. The joys of being a Commando, your life depends on getting things right or wrong. Guess what our main trait is.

This gets away from the main issue. I did have a Barrister, Phillip Connor. He was brilliant, only problem was he was honest as well. Didn’t want to believe the dishonesty that was going on.

There was an effort to take my son off me. The Courts are involved in this. And all provable. Judge taking a bribe, falsifying documents, destroying evidence. Playing dumb. This is Justice David Collier in Parramatta. Others, including Dianna Bryant, a serious cover up. Or attempt that is… It’s all political.

The Ex’s Lawyer, Ian Ross from Miranda.

Ian is actually quite dumb as far as Lawyers go. He is good at shuffling paperwork and that’s about all. Strategy wise quite inept. The Barrister representing them, Paul Sansom, I (and others) describe him as a fourth rate police prosecutor. Nice guy but… I wouldn’t have him.

The scenario, A Korean ex, malicious, scammer, rotten to the core. I should have known better, I lived in Asia for 12 years. If she could get past me she could get past anyone, especially these experts in this country. A son. Matthew Stuart Rich. Born 1st March 2002.

That’s Matty at about 18 months of age.

In case you start thinking “the interests of the child”, there is no evidence that he is in the country anymore. Taken out illegally. In spite of best efforts with a private investigator (personal friend) there is no evidence of my ex or Matty in this country. His former school reports that he was removed from there about July last year and there was never a request for his school records. All very curious. Smacks of abduction.

Curiously, I saw Paul Sansom in Parramatta a couple of months ago and told him the ex appears to have disappeared and his response was simply that it came as no surprise to him.

So what did I do wrong to deserve all this? Nothing that anyone could find at all. Nothing at all. As always, the next option is as always, invent it. What was the invention? Not only was I never a Commando, I was never in the Army at all. I have (according to them) invented the whole thing. That’s what was intended.

The subpoena was raised, served; documents exist to testify to this face, tendered in evidence. Back came a document from a Corporal Nathan Gibbs stating that according to current and archive records there is no record of me ever having been in the Army. Correct name, date of birth etc….

We will go back to you Miss honest Lawyer. Back to what I said above. An honest Lawyer would accept this as fact and of course, any psychiatrist would certify me insane and a nut case. Considering I submitted a happy picture similar to the one above about Matty. And I wore my regimental badge on my tie at all times. A few other things. Their problem was I was baiting them. They didn’t know it.

What really happened in the above scenario?

  • A subpoena was drawn up, I got a copy.
  • It never left the Lawyers (Ian Ross) office.
  • No process server ever entered the Defence establishment for the purpose of service.
  • It was supposed to have been served at the naval Base at Woolloomooloo and answered by Gibbs at Moore Park Barracks, within hours on fact.
  • Quite by accident I got hold of the Military High Command after a rather curious turn of events, they ran an investigation at 4 Wylde St Potts Point where the Subpoena was supposed to have been served. They found nothing. I didn’t at that stage recall Gibbs name and location, which came later.
  • When it was known, and the military investigated the matter they determined once and for all that no subpoena was ever served.
  • That remains an absolute fact.
  • The question then arises as to who really did write that document back to the Court on military letterhead stating I had never been in the army and no record of me found.
  • From that Collier handed down his decision fast.
  • The Military Legal Branch in Canberra wrote to the Court directly stating they do not have an original or copy of that subpoena at all.
  • The documents surrounding all the above that were tendered suddenly went missing from Court files.
  • The evidence sheet suddenly had the above tendered documents gone, according to them never tendered.

You may find all this hard to believe however it is fact. I do have all the evidence on it. Were certain documents tendered and marked as exhibits in spite of them missing actually tendered? Yes, I have the voice dumps of the proceedings at the time. Nothing is clearer.

So, the question remains as to what really happened…

What I didn’t bother to tell anyone was that I already knew who actually did write that document back to the Court.

It was in fact Corporal Nathan Gibbs. The man who wrote it without a subpoena. No information to work with as to what to look for, where to send the info etc. Factually, there was no subpoena served at all. There is no “assistance” from the military to me on that at all. I did get to know how it all fitted together, Gibbs actually writing it and all.

Collier was paid a bribe of $10,000 to try and throw the case. He failed to deliver there, all for the purposes of legally taking my son off me which is what the ex wants. She achieved it and the Court now thinks they can remain blameless about it.

When I found out he was gone, that’s when I ripped into the Chief Justice Dianna Bryant and didn’t hold back. Demanded Colliers dismissal, laid the allegations clearly on the line. She got all upset and how dare I. Then I went in harder. She cannot say she doesn’t know. You made the statement about me being careful. My response is that I was, they simply were not careful, they screwed up.

The facts are now very clear. There are no “at risk” men to be identified. Who really kills these kids, the whole garbage these people have been serving up is now blown out of the water. For the record, the Court has nothing to bargain with at all. My son is gone. I always knew he would go, there was no point in going back to the Court, and they were behind it.

Yes I do have all the documents etc to support it in spite of every effort to destroy it all. The good part is that the Military is a witness for the other side, they served the subpoena first, not me. Now how can they argue with their own witnesses?

Let’s go back to where it all started, our conversation. The Commandos who are being charged. We actually do get a bit tired of being attacked by every low life and arsehole Judge, Lawyer and wannabe Brigadier General Special Prosecutor that has never spent a day at any Officers school with a political motive to kick along with.

This same Judge, Collier, determined I had a gross disrespect for society and anti social behaviour and that I should “co-operate” because I don’t tolerate corruption.

You asked if being one impacts on your Family.

Yes Jo – it does.

Take this one on if you want.

I am going in to bring the Court down. And the Government as well over this Commando prosecution issue.

Of course I can do it, I am Commando.