Feeding The Pelicans

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One of the most fascinating experiences you will ever have. Up close and personal with the pelicans. Located at a place called “The Entrance” about 80 minutes drive north from Sydney NSW Australia. A great tourist attraction.

Its a daily event, taking place at about 3pm every day. Doesnt cost you anything at all, totally free. A donation bucket is passed around to assist with the cost of fish and other expenses.

There is a lot more than simply feeding them, a lot of information about pelicans is given. Like it takes only 4 months from hatching to full grown adult. A lot more information is given.

Put this very unique experience down as a “must see” on your trip to Australia. Even a day trip from Sydney to see the magnificent Central Coast of NSW.

feeding the pelicans the entrance nsw
feeding the pelicans “the entrance” nsw

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