Fiona Byrne, Bob Brown & The Greens

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On Fiona Byrne, Bob Brown and the Greens. I believe you are (was) the Mayor of Marrickville? A local government person? Libraries, senior citizens centres, baby health centres, rubbish removal and street sweeping.

Fiona Byrne, Bob Brown & The Greens

Fiona Byrne is the sort of person you take a huge step back and shake your head, the whole scenario with these people is way too much to contemplate. Save the planet, save the whales, hug a tree, get rid of plastic shopping bags and the list goes on. Save the rivers, rainforests, a farting sparrow’s favourite tree and a few other things. All quite idealistic and in essence, most thinking people can live with and cope with looking after the earth a bit better. Of course there is the great carbon dioxide debacle that seems to be something of a dead issue however a lie still being perpetrated as a convenience to appeal to some, more so to simply impose a tax on people by Julia Gillard.

Fiona Byrne Marrickville Mayor

wicked witch
wicked witch


So whats the debacle all about now?

Its all about the Israeli’s and their human rights attitude toward the Palestinians. OK, Fiona, who elected you as head of foreign affairs? I believe you are the Mayor of Marrickville? A local government person? Libraries, senior citizens centres, baby health centres, rubbish removal and street sweeping.

You want to put a ban on anything made in Israel because you run the country. You want to cost the local ratepayers 4 million dollars – all wasted. Thats a lot of flu vaccinations for senior citizens and shots for kids for the childhood diseases Fiona. And feeding the destitute who have no money left after paying for electricity massive hikes you lot and the looney Labor lot imposed? And want to impose a carbon tax to double them yet again?

Seriously, where are you coming from? Where are your brains if you have any. If you want to add insult to it all want to take on China as well because of their human rights track record. So where are you going to buy anything from now?

If there ever was a woman who has totally lost the plot here she is in all her glory. So who votes for these people at all? Interestingly enough, its the supposedly well educated, uni students etc. All they see is “save the trees” aspect and don’t see the bigger picture at all. This is all scary stuff, its often been said of the greens that they will destroy business totally.

What appears ideological is in fact very very scary. Remember Hitler with his National Socialism? Nazi Party? The Jews? Its your choice if you love them or hate them. What I find hilarious is the fact that the Greens are all behind the Carbon Dioxide issue etc. So who started the great carbon dioxide debacle? It was in fact the Goldman Sachs Bank. One of the biggest merchant banks in the world, all to try and create an industry of Carbon Trading, they and Al Gore wanted to control it worldwide. What did they do? They got the looney greens to do all the work for them. Save the world as it were. Goldman Sachs, isn’t that a Jewish Name? As a matter of fact it is.

Where these people get it so wrong is they don’t do their research at all. Sounds good, lets do it. Still want to back the Carbon Dioxide scam now you Greenies? Still want to boycott Israel?

What is even funnier, nay sad and scary (I do have a very dry and off the wall sense of humour) is that these people put themselves forward as a serious group to run the country. I don’t think so.

I maintain the country is run by idiots, megalomaniacs, queers and dykes. All who seem to get it wrong.

Barry O’Farrell the new NSW Premier gave Fiona and her group an ultimation, smarten up or get sacked.

I hold the view that these clowns have totally failed in their duty and responsibility to Marrickville and ought be sacked. Politics aside they have shown their agendas are elsewhere and not to the community.

So where does Bob Brown fit into all this? Very simple. Bob old mate, you did a brilliant job with the Franklin River thing, and Australia owes you big time. We certainly have room for am environment social conscience and you do it well. Sadly, the wheels have fallen off and the main focus has been lost. Its all about the lunatic fringe now, the system has been hijacked. This is normal if there isnt strong leadership. Sadly Bob, you are not it.

The last state election in NSW was a very interesting exercise indeed. If you actually looked at all the Greens hopefuls it is very evident they were all the worlds riff raff with an axe to grind. You name it, they were there. They could be better called the Riff Raff Party, and would be far more the truth. All you have to do is look at Fiona Byrne for the truth.

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