Former High Court Judge Michael Kirby

Former High Court Judge Michael Kirby

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Yes Kirby, and it will be a cold day in hell before the gays run the country like they have been trying to. Havent you noticed the backlash from the last NSW election? People are sick of the crap going on and it is clear that you are a left wing looney as well, Going to a Labor meeting. You should never have been appointed to that position – you have political views on live and it showed in your decisions. Clearly you were a Political appointment and did your best to destroy this country. You have no case to present about “having served the country” in any form.

Justice Michael Kirby
Justice Michael Kirby

“The rule of law is the alternative model to the rule of terror” … Michael Kirby.

Is it now Kirby? Depends on your politics and here is a quote from you that clearly shows yours:

“Religion should butt out of this. This is a matter of the civil rights of fellow citizens and it’s really not acceptable to deprive fellow citizens on the grounds of the religious views of some.” He was talking about gay marriage.

Actually Michael, the facts are the minority (gays) should not be trying to rule the roost and dictate to the majority what will happen. Thats where you fell down.

“It’s stil a shocking thing really to me that as a person who has served on the highest court and served the country and been a good citizen, had a stable family life, family values, that I’m still a second class citizen in my own country,” he said.

Mr Kirby said as a young man he pondered a career in politics but gave up the idea after attending a Labor Party branch meeting and finding it ineffably boring.

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