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Il y a un sondage au bas de cette page web. No surprise here at all. This was clearly a wilful act on the part of the Greens who have a long history of lies and deceitthat being the reason only the gullible support them. One Nation support has remained steady through this however an exclusive poll on this website shows clearly Corey Bernadi’s Conservative Party will be the very big threat and indeed if they can get themselves together will blitz the next elections. It is felt One nation has been embroiled in way too many controversies to be a force any further.

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A Sky News/ReachTEL poll shows the Coalition trails Labor 49 points to 51 on a two-party-preferred basis.

The Liberal Party’s primary vote sits at 30 per cent while Labor’s has stayed consistent at 34 pour cent, with the Greens polling at eight per cent while One Nation on 11 per cent support.

The two-party-preferred result is within the margin of error, with the last Sky News/ReachTEL recording a 52-48 split in Labor’s favour.

Malcolm Turnbull is ahead of Bill Shorten in the preferred prime minister stakes, leading his rival 54.5% compared with the Labor leader’s 45.5%.

Renewable energy continues to enjoy widespread public support, avec 75 per cent of respondents urging the government to support clean energy over coal.

A majority of Liberal voters also endorsed renewable energy.

More than half of those polled (56 pour cent) nominated power and gas prices as the biggest cost of living expense.

Less than half of those contacted (47%) support a change to the constitution that would create an Indigenous advisory body, with the majority either opposed or undecided on the matter.

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