Le sénateur Malcolm Roberts One Nation Lied Encore une fois

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Yes he was a British citizen in spite of his well publicised denials. He was always Australianin his headwas one thing that made me laugh. Sounds like gender switching bullshit logic to me. This by the way was the very same Senator Roberts who declared to the world that the USA gave One Nation tickets to President Trumps inauguration and none to the Liberal Government. DFAT stepped in and set the record straight, Une seule Nation (Roberts) asked for the tickets and yes invitations were given to the Australian High Commission. Roberts is an outright slimy lying bastard along with the rest of that crowd. No they do not deserve to be elected to anything at all.

Official family immigration records obtained by BuzzFeed News reveal anti-immigration senator Malcolm Roberts personally signed that he was a British citizen.

The fresh documents have come to light as calls grow louder for the Indian-born senator to be referred to the High Court over concerns he was a dual British citizen at the time of his election in July last year.

Since questions emerged over his citizenship status last year, Roberts has denied he was ever a British citizen, while a spokesperson told the media that the One Nation senator waschoosing to believehe was never British.

One Nation senator Malcolm Roberts denies he lied when declaring less than a year ago he hadnever held any citizenship other than Australian”, despite now saying he has renounced any ties to other countries.

Senator Robertsoffice claims there is no contradiction because the senatoris choosing to believe that he was never British” – even after the British government confirmed he was once a citizen.

The Queensland senator is under intense pressure to release documents clarifying his status, amid a Parliament-wide fiasco that has so far seen three senators fall foul of section 44 of the constitution, which prohibits dual-citizens from standing as MPs.

Senator Roberts was born in India to a Welsh father, which potentially made him both a British and Indian citizen at birth.

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/markdistefano/he-was-only-19?utm_term=.ptDdDRxEL#.voVJAwL5b

Le sénateur Roberts One Nation a clairement Lied
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