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The war is now on several fronts. I predicted a few years ago that elections would be won and lost on Social media. Now there is a wake up call happening and this is no invention. A couple of years ago you would never have believed that what is happening today could happen. Well it is and about to get a whole lot worse. Read on…

Only a few short weeks ago Angela Merkel made it very clear she wanted all right wing and patriotic sites on Facebook deleted and banned. She went the one step further and threatened that anyone posting any anti Government sentiment would be in trouble including having their kids taken off them. Nothing unusual here, been happening since the advent of the Family Law Court. This is and always has been a UN tactic. Nothing to do with the interests of the child at all.

In Australia there is a call by a NSW Deputy Police Commissioner to do exactly the same thing, all because people are getting pissed off at the Islamics and any and all attempts to deal with them – only pandering to them

The crunch in Australia came when a 15 year old Islamic Kid shot up a Police station killing 2.

You had better believe that the worlds powers will be talking to Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook owner) and get “a few changes made”. You can bet this will happen and our voice lost. It is my understanding such conversations have taken place.

The Governments of the world allied to the UN are now worried. Very worried indeed.

As much as many of you – and many are complacent still – may not believe the fact that we will lose Facebook – we most certainly will. You can bet it will be in the very foreseeable future.

Lets look at something else – from the Australian Liberty Alliance. They are now a real threat to the accepted right wing Australian party, Liberals. You know the one that Turnbull is now head of after the knifing of Tony Abbott. Turnbull is the same guy that even the Labor lefties dont want.

Remember Julie Bishop, everybody’s darling? The very same one I called a piece of trash years ago. I was then sexist, a woman hater the whole lot. I got it wrong

Naturally, I got it all wrong now as well. Paranoid.

In order to deal with what is coming I have installed a social networking site on the main website of


On the main menu on the top it will have a link called Community Networking.

It doesnt have quite all the bells and whistles Facebook has, then again I dont have the millions to build a site like that.

Its a bit different but basically has very similar feel to it. The advantage is that no leftie can complain and put you in gaol.

Please share this around, get your friends there and get the hell out of Facebook. Time is running out. This applies worldwide



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