Gas Monitoring and Detection – The Book

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Gas Monitoring and Detection – The Book….

There is no T shirt or movie coming so relax…..

There is a lot of dribble going around about this subject, even the experts who train people in confined spaces get a lot of it wrong yet the Standard has it correct. The book tends to correct a lot of these blatant errors. These misconceptions are there because most really dont know what they are talking about. The usual gas detection course consists of how to turn it on, auto zero it, if the alarm goes off get out. None of these people can explain to you about how pressures affect things and radically alter what the device tells you. Put it in Hyperbaric chamber and these guys don’t have a clue. The readings are correct but interpretations are all wrong. This book adresses that. Dont know how the sensors work? Read this book. Dont know what all these funny terms mean? Its in the book.


The book focuses heavily on human physiology, after all, this is what its all about. Thats why I am very savage on these devices that when you auto zero them regardless of the situation you are in at the time, the oxygen sensor still comes up with 20.9% by volume. Its actually true, sadly at altitude its less number of molecules in a given space, thats what the experts cannot get their head around. Same as in pressurised containers, there are more molecules in a given volume. It all relates to the volume of air we breath.

The book looks at all that, hoes into Henrys and Boyles Law to explain a lot of things.

Anyone that looks around the web to find out how an afterburner works will be given the biggest pack of lies known. Few realize the Carbon Monoxide is flammable at >70% by volume. Does that help a bit? Look at any MSDS and you will see it there. The concept of the book is more directed to opening up the mind, to dispel a lot of myths. Many OH&S experts really dont have a clue, and therefore make life impossible. The other problem is that knowing very little they are dangerous.

The book cost is $45:00 purchased online. More when I deliver personal training courses.

It is in winzip form and downloadable immediatley after payment, the file size is over 2 megs.






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