Glynis L Oldmeadow

Glynis Lorraine Oldmeadow is a slut a liar and a host of other things of the highest order. Yes you could say I knew her for about 6 years or so. She is a psycho of the worst kind being diagnosed with Serious depression and is bi polar. Bi polar is very serious being possibly one of the worst mental illnesses you can have. Traits of this is they are very homicidal and if anyone will commit suicide these lot will.

Compulsive lying seems to be a big part of bi polar although the experts don’t consider this as part of the symptoms, they expect this comes more from depression. A compulsive liar she is, when confronted with the absolute evidence of that they go into total denial and its always “your fault”. They are very cunning and tend to manufacture some of the greatest lies ever told.

Lets start with the real story here about her.

We went to Sydney on a Saturday to the travel expo to look at the possibility of a European vacation. alan the drug dealerAll she did all day was be abusive and pick fights. I was always to blame. We got back home and she promptly ordered me out of the house, she had an old boyfriend coming and she wanted to screw him in exchange for dope. OK – I left and went in my caravan. Her excuse was he had nowhere to stay – for 3 days. Glynis Oldmeadow thought this was a perfectly acceptable lie and in her mind credible. We were supposed to be in a relationship. The pic on the left is of her and her boyfriend, his name is Alan and comes from near Dorrigo. One of NSW largest dope dealers. Grows it and travels around selling it. Cops can have him anytime they want. His car rego starts with CSG.

A week later after blaming me for all this we decided to book a holiday. I made sure it was as expensive as it could be made. She paid for pretty much most of it. I went to all the trouble of stretching it out so it would cost her heaps. Dumb bitch thought I was stupid as she was. Holiday all booked paid for and everything appeared nice and rosie, I did put up with a lot of shit with her bad behaviour. I did say to her several times before we left that if there were any psycho attacks from her I would be on the next flight home. Her mistake was thinking I seriously wanted that vacation. 18 days on a beautiful MSC ocean liner, a week in Germany, (I have been to Germany heaps). 4 days in Salzburg Austria sound of music tour, Mozart experience, and Andre Reiu.

glynis oldmeadow self harmingWe got to Singapore and yes she had a psycho attack. Guess what I did, booked a ticket with QANTAS and came straight back. When she realized I was serious in what I said she really went psycho. She even went to the trouble of self harming saying I assaulted her – she had a cut lip. The picture makes it worse than it was, clean it up and nothing, like it never happened. This is the “evidence”she has. And that’s all. She threatened to call the Singapore Police and I kept saying do it. Well she did, 24 hours later and 10 minutes after my flight took off. That’s timing for you. She threatened to let the Australian Cops know about this and they will extradite me to Singapore and I will be hung in Changi prison. I had to advise that it was actually up to the Singapore cops to come here and extradite me which they wont do. Lets get one fact right here, I am ex Commando and if I assaulted her she would do 12 months in hospital.

Things got worse and yes there is a God. Lucky I did come back to Australia. It appears that the very day We departed for Sydney the local rangers came around based on a complaint from “someone” about the legality of my caravan. It was on the footpath area (council property) and had power and water connected. Glynis Oldmeadow denied calling them but she gave herself away a couple of times when she was bragging to me. Now this is the woman who I was going on a 5 week romantic holiday with. The council notice stated that the services had to be disconnected etc. If I actually went for 5 weeks God only knows what would have happened. The caravan impounded and sold or whatever. This is how psycho she is.

Oh yes, I have dumped her totally, and the whole exercise was expensive for her. She lost $25,000 over that. That’s the payback for treating me the way she did. I knew she wouldn’t last long without a psycho attack. That’s why I said it.

She sent me this from another drop kick male friend of hers.

Glynis came back to Australia as well. She tried very hard to get someone to replace me on the trip before we left but none of her drop kick druggo friends could go. She was stuck with me. Oh yes the very night Glynis Oldmeadow got Alan the one in the above pic around for 3 days for drugs and a fuck session. As far as I was concerned they can have each other, the bugger is so dumb he cannot use email.

I said she is a real slut and here is her Oasis dating site profile currently is:


About Me
Female 61
Chain Valley Bay | New South Wales | Australia

I’m a sweet lady looking for a sexy nice lover
I don’t do relationships
Not interested

What I’m Looking For
I’d like to find a nice sexy man
I’m not interested in a relationship
My Appearance
Height 5’5″ / 165cm
Body Type Little extra weight
Ethnicity White (Caucasian)
Eye Colour Hazel
Hair Colour Black
My Lifestyle & Personality
Intention Let’s see what happens
Marriage Views Marriage is sacred
Romance Very romantic
Occupation Customer Service
Education High School
Drinking Habits Drink regularly
Smoking Habits Smoke occasionally
Food Preference No special diet
Have Children Have children, don’t live with me
Have Pets Have pets
Religion Christian/Protestant
Sign of the Zodiac Scorpio
In other words she will screw anyone and does.
If you want her as a social media friend then by all means. Except its against the law I cannot publish her contact details however if anyone wants a screw then they can use this contact form and an email will be sent to her. Just remember to bring the dope and she is very partial to cheap plonk. Best of luck. Oh yes, she is born lazy, has every imaginable disease possible, yakes a 100 pills a day for all sorts of ailments, real and imagined.
Glynis Oldmeadow has via email threatened to burn my caravan, that is arson and carries 14 years
She has also admitted via email to unlawful entry, that carries 7 years
This woman has some gaol time coming up

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