Islamic Disgrace

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Islamic Disgrace of the worst kind and its happening right here.

Mourners were told they were “not welcome” by a cleric at a former policeman’s funeral because they were non-Muslims. This is in Sydney Australia right now. We pride ourselves on multiculturalism? No way. Firstly, all condolences to the family. These disgraceful Islamics wonder why we hold them in great contempt. Lets get the facts right here, if a christian religion did the same thing there would be hell to play. Then the two faced pigs say that kind of conduct is actually against their belief system. What a load of crap. In the last chapter of this mans life they destroyed the integrity of his life and his willingness to be a decent person and all he represented.

The family of Erdinc Ozen, a former police officer and member of the navy reserves, are demanding an apology following the incident at Sydney’s Auburn Gallipoli Mosque last month.

erdinc-ozenMr Ozen, a Turkish-born Australian who served as a policeman until 2011, died from a brain aneurysm last month.

His brother Tunc said a number of senior police and friends from his fishing club at the Seven Hills-Toongabbie RSL left the service after the unexpected directive from acting president Dr Abdurrahman Asaroglu. Others attending included an 87-year-old World War II veteran and former NSW premier Nathan Rees.

“He told everyone it’s a Muslim prayer service, all women and non-Muslims were not welcome and they had to leave the mosque area,” Tunc Ozen said.

“All of his friends were not Muslim, so they had to leave – it was a big shock. It upset a lot of people.”

Most hurtful for his family was that when it came time to move Erdinc’s coffin, his closest friends were not allowed to take part in the proceedings. This is nothing more than an Islamic disgrace.

“These complete strangers were grabbing my brother’s coffin, not his mates, as a result of what this bloke had said,” Mr Ozen said.

Mr Ozen has written to the mosque and Turkish consulate demanding an apology.

“He didn’t raise any of this with us. There were plenty of opportunities,” he said.

“I’ve spent as much time thanking people for coming as I have apologising to them over what happened.”

Islamic Friendship Association president Keysar Trad said: “What was done does not run consistently with our traditions. Our religion teaches us to be compassionate towards people grieving.”

Lets get some facts very clear around here. Some Islamics are good people, sadly the majority have no idea on how to behave in a civilized manner at all and never ever will. The lot simply cannot be trusted and have no idea on how to act like anything other than total animals. Send the bloody lot back to where they came from – just another Islamic disgrace.