Islamic Illegals On Rampage In Italy

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Please everyone, stop calling them immigrants. Thats a term the UN and EEU made up to try and make it look better. They are illegal invaders and that is all they are. The whole thing is a well organized willful and deliberate attempt to destroy our way of life and western civilization as we know it. All they do is destroy countries, rape pillage and murder. Get rid of the EEU and the UN.

Muslim immigrants in Italy gang-rape, beat head of reception center, destroy facility, attack care workers of a healthcare centre.

In Fiuggi, one hour south of Rome, a Muslim “migrant” youth gang-raped and tried to kill the head of the facility. They tore up and destroyed the migrant “Welcome” facility and beat up other care workers — the people who had cared for them over the past six months.

Of course, Europe’s ‘multicultural’ politicians will say, “It’s a cultural thing, and we must respect their culture, doncha know”. It’s what the EU says. And jihadis oblige.

Back in February, ISIS has threatened to flood Europe with half a million migrants from Libya, in a “psychological” attack against the West. So why does Europe continue to accept hostile invaders? And why are singular voices like Geert Wilders demonized and marginalized for speaking out against such suicidal policies?

On Thursday night, when the band, for unknown reasons devastated the vessels of the host structure, attacking even some operators of the family home. Because of minor injuries, one of three North Africans and a property assistant were forced to seek medical treatment to ‘hospital Alatri.

The same Egyptian minor injured, as he was kindly taken back in the car in Fiuggi, with a crutch tried to strangle the person in charge of the care organization, which ended in the emergency room of the ‘hospital of San Benedetto.

Apart from the damage inflicted on the structure and attempted murder, in the same night between Thursday and Friday the three persons tried to destroy the car of the same administrator of the family home.

The next day, Friday, saw a gang rape. The victim was be a ‘worker of 48 years, who was in the reception center of the spa when the three offenders, according to initial reports, they stuck to the ground and raped, beaten and immobilized after the administrator of the facility victim of attempted murder and damage to private the previous night.

After stopping for some reason the small group of Egyptian minors was taken not to prison but to a reception center in Rome.

Doing the math, neglecting what we shelled out to retrieve them from the usual boat, only contributions of pro-immigrant these three brutal thugs cost us at least 20,000 euro, more light, water, gas, waste, damage to structures, health care and who knows As another, and for a while ‘will — perhaps — maintained at our expense in the nation’s prisons. A third of Italian families meanwhile, live on much less than 20,000 euro per year.

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