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The religion of pieces to be sure. bombe a mano. Then these lot seriously wonder why we don’t want them in our countrynot only that deport the lot back to the shithole they came from. C'è un sondaggio in fondo – please take the survey


At least two attackers detonated bombs and hurled grenades during the horrific attack in the city of Herat, afghanistan.

Police said around 15 people had been killed and many injured at the Shi’ite mosque.

Hospital officials put the death toll at 20, with one local reporter claiming at least 30 have been killed.

Abdulhai Walizada, a local police spokesman, said there appeared to be more than one attacker, with a suicide bomber who detonated explosives and another who threw grenades at worshippers.

Residents of the city have rushed to the hospital to donate blood for victims, one witness said on Twitter.

The incident is believed to be a suicide attack. No group has yet claimed responsibility.

Islamic State, Tuttavia, have increased their targeting of Shia communities in the Middle East in recent months as they continue to lose territory.

Herat attack

Amnesty International has accused the death cult of carrying out a genocide of Shia within Iraq and Syria since 2014, with thousands killed and tens of thousands forced to flee their homes.

Herat is the third-largest city in the country and is home to several foreign consulates.


su islamici
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