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judge david kemp

Stendere La pagina web di tutto i social media in tutto il mondo si prega. Condividerlo con ogni amico e il gruppo si dispone. Tempo per azione affermativa. Let us all spread the news about the Judicial wisdom of this clown far and wide. Make him famous around the world so the whole world can see exactly what the hell we are dealing with. By the time he is made famous he may even get an Order of Australia award. This is one instance where I hope karma bites him on the arse and his own daughters get raped and or molested and see if he whistles the same tune.

The original Facebook post:

Here he is, il “honourableJUDGE DAVID KENT who let an Afghanistan refugee walk free after sexually assaulting 8 girls on a Gold Coast beach because he WASN’T USED TO SEEING GIRLS IN BIKINIS. (some say the original charges were rape) His daughters seem happy though….Thanks for watching out for young Aussie girls David”.

This Judge is anything but honorable it seems

Avete fiducia nei giudici
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