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When Julie Bishop came on the scene a few years ago and became everyone’s darling. Yes she was made woman of the year by some trashy mag and so the bullshit started. No-one could laud her highly enough, except me. I worked out she is a low life skank from the outset. And I made my position very clear on that point and oh boy, wasn’t I given a caning. About the same as when I predicted One Nation wouldn’t win a seat in WA. It always gets worse when you are proven correct. But hey, I dont give a toss what others think, I usually get it right.

Enough of the self glorification. Bishop is one of the worst as we all now know. Better to wake up later than never at all I guess. I say she is worse than Gillard could ever hope to be.And she has designs on being Prime MinisterGod help us all. She was one of the architects of the knifing of Tony Abbott, lets face it, Turnbull isn’t that smart, he just married well.

And one very big thing I forgot to add inshut your useless mouth and stop bad mouthing Donald Trumpmost Australians love him. We need and want a Trump here, Pauline Hanson thinks she is Australia’s answer to Trump, sorry, she is a sell out as well.

She is a United Nations stooge par excellence giving away more money than Rudd and Gillard combined ever did. Wants a seat on the UN Security Counciljust like Rudd and Gillard. Bishop has not one single bit of integritybut hay, she is a Lawyer. She has zero interest in the welfare and furtherance of the best interests of Australia. She in fact will be happy for our demise.

Where she got in my nose was the Chan Sukamarin trial and subsequent executions in Indonesia. She was trying to cut deals, appealing to everyone to spare them. Oh sì, give them a gaol term to be served in Australia. She was pleading for their lives. OK stupid what dont you understand about Julie_Bishop_Australia_MPthe fact these two clowns were major Heroin traffickers. There were peoplemules of theirs caughtthat are serving a total of 250 years in Asian gaols. How many mules got executed we will never know. OK these dumb pricks should have known better but hey… vescovo – wakey wakey. Assume 10% of the heroin never got through. That’s an awful lot of shit that did to ruin lives. Their lives were simply not worth giving a second thought to and quite bluntly, with you trying to save them neither is yours.

Nick Greinerone of the grubiest NSW Premiers ever chimes in:

Deputy Liberal leader Julie Bishop has craftily dodged admitting whether or not she has ambitions to one day be prime minister, after a poll found voters favoured her as Liberal leader over Malcolm Turnbull.

lady macbeth
Many have dubbed herLady Macbeth

When pressed over the Labor Party-commissioned poll, in which voters described her as an “intelligent” and “strong” leader, Ms Bishop twice avoided answering what plans she might have in climbing up the Liberal Party ranks.

When asked by ABC Insiders host Barrie Cassidy if she harboured ambitions to be leader one day, she replied: “I have stood for election as a deputy leader of the party and our party has elected me on a number of occasions and so I will continue as deputy as long as my party elects me as deputy.

“I’m committed to working with Malcolm Turnbull and I agree absolutely with Barnaby Joyce is the leader of our party and will lead us to the next election and I look forward to working with him as the deputy leader of the Liberal Party.”

Ms Bishop dismissed the poll as “mischief making” by Labor.

The poll, convened by UMR Research, found Ms Bishop’s personality traits were perceived as more appealing – “talented”, “smart” and “good” – than Mr Turnbull who was most commonly described as “arrogant” and “smug”.

Its findings were consistent with a 2016 Roy Morgan survey which showed Ms Bishop as preferred Coalition leader over Mr Turnbull – 34 per cent to 25 per cento.

Nel frattempo, Liberal Party president Nick Greiner, the former NSW premier, has presented the party with an ultimatum: unite or lose the next election.

“If it isn’t resolved, if we’re not able to present a compelling, unified face to the Australian public, we won’t win the election in two years’ time,” Mr Greiner told Sky News on Sunday.

“I think it is as simple and as stark as that and everyone involved knows that.”

Mr Greiner said he would meet with both Mr Turnbull and his predecessor Tony Abbott to encourage them to resolve their differences.

Professor Rodney Tiffen, author of Disposable Leaders, told The New Daily that disunity is “usually a precursor to defeat”.

“Of the 73 successful leadership challenges since 1970, only 16 have occurred while the party has been in government. Of those, [Paul] Keating and Turnbull have been the only ones to keep a majority at the next election – and only just,"ha detto.

“It’s usually a precursor of defeat. It is a very public admission the government is not on track or is failing.”

Professor Tiffen said Ms Bishop has been dubbed by some as the “Lady Macbeth” of Parliament – the Shakespearian character who goaded her husband to kill the Scottish king – following her part in the ousting of Mr Abbott.

But he said it was unlikely she would ever replace Mr Turnbull as party leader, let alone become prime minister.

“She has been relatively isolated in her portfolio of foreign affairs and failed badly as shadow treasurer and had to be moved,"ha detto.

“But they [politicians] will never say never.”

Dr Nicholas Dyrenfurth, director of the Labor-aligned John Curtin Research Centre, said the Liberal leadership instability would be “punished” by voters.

“The letdown that has been Malcolm Turnbull’s prime ministership has no doubt got the more ambitious types in his party salivating,” he told The New Daily.

“As Julie Bishop’s refusal of a leadership challenge shows.”

Fonte: http://thenewdaily.com.au/news/national/2017/07/16/julie-bishop-popular-turnbull-poll/

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