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Jimmy Barnes, you are a total tosser. Reclaim is all about keeping this country the way it was and the reason you came here. If it isn’t good enough then piss off back to Scotland. Arseholes like you are the reason this country is going down the gurgler fast. Thank you for taking the money of good solid Australians then spitting in their faces.

This what one female Patriot (who WAS a fan) said about the whole disgrace you are.

I was watching the today show and heard jimmy Barnes son David Campbell putting his two cents in on his fathers song being used in the rally and then went on to say he does not support what the reclaim rally’s represent and went on saying we should tolerate all cultures and the rally was not what Australia is all about

Again we are not racist he also along with his father has missed the point we are against sharia law and the islamisation of our country it has failed everywhere in the western world and the Middle East and Asia

Wake up David Campbell shame on you
You are in a position of privilege being on TV and you should not shoot your mouth off against something you know nothing about obviously
Australians are the most tolerant people in the world we have tolerated and welcomed multi cultures here for the last 100 years with little problem most of my friends are from Asia India China Bangladesh Nepal Turkey etc etc just like everyone else

jimmy barnes screamingBut we don’t tolerate Islam and sharia law being forced on us
This ideology hates anyone that doesn’t share their laws and they enforce barbaric punishments or even death to anyone who doesn’t comply

You took your position of power David Campbell sprouting you ignorant comments and didn’t even have a representative from the reclaim rally to defend or state their beliefs

Keep your big ignorant mouth shut you stay neutral if you are on TV unless you show both sides fairly

Well Jimmy let go live in France and England see how well the Islamics tolerate other cultures
You can enjoy watching soldiers getting butchered in the streets and sharia law enforcers patrolling the streets attacking his daughters for not covering themselves and getting raped
How tolerant are you jimmy do you tolerate female genital mutilation
Do you tolerate 12 year old brides
Do you tolerate gays being tortured and hung
Do you tolerate Christians getting beheaded
Your a twat jimmy Barnes !

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