Justice David Collier

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Justice David Collier – Family Law Court of Australia.

Justice David Collier – Family Court of Australia – it appears the corrupt prick is retiring or is he being pushed out. Either way he is a liar of the worst kind and has absolutely no right to stay alive at all.

This is what I got off ninemsn:

justice david collierJustice David Collier, who is retiring from Parramatta Family Court, said he has seen both mothers and fathers play dirty in court but the worst in his opinion were mothers who falsely accused their former partners of abuse, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.

“When you have heard the evidence, you realise that this is a person who’s so determined to win that he or she will say anything,” said Justice David Collier, who has been a judge for 14 years and is retiring at the end of the month. “I’m satisfied that a number of people who have appeared before me have known that it is one of the ways of completely shutting husbands out of the child’s life.”

Justice Collier said the court had to investigate all allegations of abuse, even those that were obviously fabricated. “They’re difficult to disprove, the allegation lingers there,” he said. Barrister Esther Lawson, a member of the NSW Bar Association family law committee, said there appeared to be an increase in allegations of sexual abuse coming through the courts but the reasons for the rise were unclear.

Ms Lawson warned that making false accusations could backfire and result in a parent losing time with their child.

Lets get the facts right – Justice David Collier himself is up to his neck in exactly what he condemns and lies about in a media release. To make it worse the bimbo Chief Justice Diana Bryant is up to her neck in a cover up as are a few other Judges.

If you want to know more about it do a site search here for his name or look at the link below – Matthew Stuart Rich. If someone kills this prick I will be the first to their defence, How many kids has this lying corrupt piece of shit Justice David Collier killed?

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