KFC Filthy Shops

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KFC Filthy Shops – this isn’t the only one around.

An image of a dirty kitchen inside an Adelaide Filthy KFC shop has gained widespread attention after it was posted to social media websites this week.

Customer Shane Fergusson captured the image, which shows the KFC filthy shop fast food restaurant’s kitchen floor covered with grease and food wrappers, through a drive-through window at KFC Elizabeth on Sunday, Adelaide Now reports.

He then posted the image to the official KFC Facebook page, where it generated numerous “likes” and was shared more than 580 times.

“This was the view I was greeted with at your Elizabeth SA store only 5 mins ago,” Mr Fergusson wrote underneath the photo.

“Really not a good look and makes me think twice about eating my meal!! Not happy :(“

On Tuesday Mr Fergusson updated the picture with a comment to say he had been contacted by the filthy KFC shops store’s manager who had apologised for the filthy floor.

“She agreed the mess was not on and under no circumstances should it have been allowed to get like that,” Mr Fergusson wrote.

I have seen this lots of times. Employ 18 year olds who are pigs and call them managers. Thats why it happens. Next thing they tell you is they have a WHS policy.

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