Koran Burning Day

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Koran Burning Day September 11th. This pic was the backlash after one was burned. The international movement is to burn 2,998 of the books on September 11th at 5pm in the evening. Don’t think it matters where you are or what time zone, that is the date and time. Remember the massacre.


These backward bastards are going to learn one way or another we are not worried about them nor will we be scared. These animals want to behave that way we will show them equal respect, that being none.

The Facebook group behind all this is: https://www.facebook.com/events/606646276032203/





These people have been a bit pushy and the case against them as being considered human beings is immense. There is nothing to suggest they deserve a place on this earth.

Where ever you go they have caused problems and been nothing but murderous animals hell bent on raping children and dead women. That is Halal according to them. Accordingly, the infidels of the world are fighting back. Already the Australian Government is in trouble over it. France and Holland are over it as well. It appears the United States is gearing up for civil war because of that Kenyan Obama who is trying to destroy the USA.



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