Labor Budget 2013

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This is Labor’s idea of a budget – Labor Budget 2013

Actually idiot Wayne Swan, the only thing we understand is that the election cannot come soon enough. More the pity someone didn’t shoot a few of you a couple of years ago and let me promise you no-one in this country would be shocked or upset.

Last year I had planned on saving $1000:00.
I even had a 6% pay rise to help me.
What I do have is a credit card with a $7,000 limit that had nothing owing on it last year,and is now out to $18,000 owing on it and I dont know why.
Now I am going to spend $100,000 I dont have and cannot repay.
Thats budget night for you.

labor budgetTreasurer Wayne Swan has defended breaking last year’s pledge to return the Budget to surplus after yesterday announcing an $18 billion deficit for the fiscal year ahead. Mr Swan last year suggested the Budget would be $1 billion in the black but has blamed a “savage” drop in revenue for a sizable deficit during the past fiscal year and the 2013/14 Budget. But despite the broken promise the Treasurer told Nine’s political editor Laurie Oakes he believes the Australian people will understand.

Handing down his sixth Budget as Treasurer, Mr Swan outlined a $60 billion revenue shortfall compared with projections made 12 months ago. “People understand conditions change and we had a dramatic event in terms of our revenue,” Mr Swan said. Asked if he regretted making the pledge to return the Budget to surplus last year Mr Swan said he did not.

“[We had] an unprecedented and unforeseeable event,” he said. “I understand people may be upset and I’ll take the medicine.”

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