Mackellar MP Bronwyn Bishop

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Mackellar MP Bronwyn Bishop

Mackellar MP Bronwyn Bishop, here is a “woman” and I will use the term loosely that backs up Tony Abbott. This is after the whole Misogyny thing started with Gillard. This fool pretends that butter wont melt in their mouth. The fact is that the pair of them are as corrupt as is possible to get.

Today I was at a rather interesting gathering on the central coast. It was for Lucy wicks a local bimbo who weaseled her way in as Captains Choice and guess what this idiot Wicks was trying to do capably helped by the corrupt Bishop. Do a site search on Lucy Wicks on this site and it all becomes totally bizarre. Even the local Liberals dont want her. This fool Wicks was Abbott’s choice according to my information and all Shit For Brains is doing is grooming her. The idiot Wicks could not stand on her own if she tried, Might be a little Monica going on perhaps, Wicks really has nothing else of value to offer.

Julia Gillard’s misogyny claims “pathetic”, says Bronwyn Bishop. (Yep, of course it is). A Misogynist He isn’t, that’s the only thing though. He relies too much on women to keep him afloat to be one of those.

(Manly Daily 12 Oct 12 @ 01:03pm by Charis Chang).

PRIME Minister Julia Gillard has demeaned every woman in parliament by “pretending to be a victim,” says Mackellar MP Bronwyn Bishop.

The Federal Liberal MP’s comments came after Ms Gillard labelled Opposition Leader Tony Abbott sexist and a misogynist in parliament on Wednesday.

Ms Gillard’s now infamous speech, which saw Mr Abbott “carved to pieces”, has become a worldwide internet sensation.

But not everyone was impressed with the prime minister’s performance, with Ms Bishop describing it as “pathetic”. Yes Bronwyn it is pathetic – from a sad arsed female who in mine and pretty much anyone else you want to talk to holds the view should Gillard should be shot asap.

bronwyn bishopWell yes it was and is by any measurable standard. The dykes and the impressionable fools of kids that Labor seems to attract thought it was very funny. Certainly shows the mentality of these clowns. What happened next was most extraordinary. Momma’s boy, who everyone thought wad some balls ran to his women and cried help me. This Abbott didn’t have the balls to stand up to Gillard. So what is he doing now, surrounding himself with women to defend him. All because he doesnt have any balls and women scare him. This is Bishops own words “The fact of the matter is: if you take leadership, you must exercise leadership. If you cannot stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.”. I dont see a problem with that. Neither have shown any leadership ability at all. In fact both have shown quite the opposite, both are as gutless as they get. So Tony, you are quite a gutless leader.You may have all the qualifications on paper however totally lack what it takes to be a leader. And this piece of garbage Bishop is helping him.

What I say to you now Bishop is follow your own advice – You clearly are corrupt in every way possible – there is a 190 bus going past your door – be under it. The fact is that the entire Gillard era shows women simply cannot govern – that part the Islamics have got right. Factually, in Australia we have only ever had absolute failures as far as women politicians go.



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