Mahmoud Eid – Islamic Radical Gaoled

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Mahmoud Eid – Islamic Radical Gaoled. A devout religious man who “only stands for God” has been jailed for a minimum of almost three years for his part in a Sydney riot during which he kicked a celebrated police dog.

mahmoud-eidThis mongrel is typical of the Islamics that come into our country and think they can get away with anything as they usually do.

Mahmoud Eid, 26, refused to sit down while Deputy Chief Magistrate Jane Culver delivered her sentencing remarks so that he would not have to stand to receive his punishment.

“He only stands for God,” his lawyer Elie Rahme told the court.

Eid was dealt a maximum sentence of four years and one month with a non-parole period of two years and nine months, making him the first of 12 people charged over the riot in September last year to be jailed.

Ms Culver cut Mr Rahme off when he started to discuss the religious anxiety that led to the protests that turned violent. “I don’t want a platform for politicisation,” she said. “I’m strictly looking at criminal activity.”

Eid previously pleaded guilty to riot, assaulting a policewoman and kicking Chuck, the police dog who on another occasion helped catch Malcolm Naden.

“Freedom of speech can never justify large scale and very serious public violence,” the magistrate told the court.

She acknowledged that Eid had anger management issues but noted his violent actions took place over a number of hours and at number of locations in the CBD.

The court also heard he served jail time for his part in the reprisal attacks after the Cronulla riots in 2005.

“It is clear that the offender has engaged in similar conduct in the past,” Magistrate Culver said.

Worldwide revolt, including the Sydney riot, resulted when the US film mocking the prophet Mohammed was posted on the internet.

Outside court, Mr Rahme said he was not expecting a four-year jail sentence but could not predict if his client will appeal.

“It’s a fairly heavy penalty.” he told reporters.

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