MasterChef Contestant Mat Beyer

MasterChef Contestant Mat Beyer

MasterChef contestant Mat Beyer and girlfriend Jess Cittadini.

We coudnt let this story go by without comment now could we?

If there ever was a classic case of silly assed Gen Y stupidity this one is a classic.

It appears a mobile phone was smuggled to Matt because his poor little darling had issues and wanted to talk to him. It also appears that the contestants were in lockdown and no phones at all. This they knew as part of the rules. It also appears they were whinging about the low pay. A common theme? Whinge? Dont like the rules?

It appears Matt got booted for his efforts. Guess what, these pair are whinging again about the rules. Doesnt come as any surprise at all really.

Now grow up you pair. Matt, if you want some worldly advice ditch her, she is trouble big time pal. Come on you pair, you didnt like things, knew the rules and got your backside kicked. Live with it.

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