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Matthew Stuart Rich – Born March 1st 2002

Matthew Stuart Rich. It was as filthy a Family Law Court fight as had ever existed. I made a promise to Matthew Stuart Rich my son that before this has finished these people will never do this to another child in this Country ever again. I keep my promises. I don’t care if they are murdered by some-one for their behavior – its not my problem. All because I was an ex Commando. Problem is, I found out the truth, something they didn’t expect. What this Court is all about is exactly the same as the current proposed Laws to stifle and control the media.

Matty – I know you have been accessing the site – just use the contact me form above please. Dad does love you, this was you, aged 3

matthew stuart rich

matthew stuart richGuess what – there is a law against publishing names without their permission. Guess what again, I don’t give a stuff – I know they are powerless to do anything about it. One washed out ex Commando has them totally bailed up. How good are we? There is always a method in my madness. I ask everyone – please keep re-posting this page on every social networking site there is and ask others to do the same. Dont worry – a lot of this has been on here for a few years and the Government often go through my site often – I can see that from the visitors logs and what pages they visit.

The names of the principal offenders:

  1. Justice David Collier
  2. Chief Justice Diana Bryant
  3. Lawyer Ian Ross.

These are the ones who don’t deserve to live. There are others.

When I complained to her holiness Diana Bryant all she could come back with was “how dare I make such allegations about a senior Judge” From then on she was right into the cover up as they all are. Oh yes, the Judge, David Collier took what I believe was a $10,000 bribe.

How it was all done and what happened? There was an effort to prove me crazy by proving I was never in the Army – let alone a Matthew stuart rich dadCommando. How this was attempted is actually quite funny, so basically Keystone Cop stuff, anyone could see through it. That part still remains classified. I do however know what happened. I found out certain things, contacted the Department of Defence and they launched a major internal enquiry. It didn’t take long, the Family Court were none the wiser about it.

So what did they do? All very simple – as I said, they tried to prove I was never even a soldier. The cover up is as interesting.

  • falsifying court documents
  • destroying evidence
  • A serious criminal conspiracy
  • Lies and denials about getting certain documents
  • Go into absolute denial that it ever happened in spite of their own evidence that cannot be argued with
  • Falsely claiming an affidavit was served when none was

To make matters worse, I believe my son has been illegally taken out of the country – the Chief Justice advised of this and what does she do? Nothing – that’s how big the cover up is. This Court was started by Gough Whitlam for the sole purpose of controlling us through the kids.

Do I have the evidence of this? Yes I do – and they know it.


They also know I am after them and they also know they will die. They also know they cannot stop me. They also know I have done nothing wrong and therefore cannot be prosecuted. If they tried to prosecute me they would only harm themselves, not me. So its all good fun. How do I know they are aware of all this? Very simple. I keep excellent logs on visitors on this site and it isn’t hard to track who accessed certain pages.

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