Michael Fox Harbour Bridge Court Appearance

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Michael Fox Harbour Bridge Court Appearance…

The news I read is that Michael Fox will be fighting it. And so you should. These Family Court arseholes have had silence too much their own way for too long. They in fact are the killers of the children.

SAS Trooper Michael Fox
SAS Trooper Michael Fox


According to ninemsn the following took place:

“There’s 50,000 new kids each year on top of 50,000 last year and next year that are getting exposed to family separations and at least half of those are going through a troubled breakup.”

The case has been adjourned to July 29.

Fox said the court action would “highlight the deficiencies and failings in government”.

“The system needs to change, I think everyone knows it,” he said.

“The government is suppressing the parents’ situation through the Family Court and DoCS (NSW Department of Community Services) and they are not allowing the media to cover it, so everything is done in isolation.

“That’s why there are so many mistakes.”

Lets cut the crap shall we. This in no mistake on their parts, its a deliberate and viscious political agenda. These so called self styled family assessment clowns are totally politically oriented as are the Judges. Every one is a left wing looney, and we have seen in the last couple of years exactly who they are – look at the illegal immigrant issue for answers.

Go for it Michael, bring the bastards down, remember, they are far more scared of us than we are of them. Like you, I am an elite soldier. I really dont give a stuff about them. I say it again, you were targeted because you are SAS, the same as I was targeted because I am Commando.

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