Michael Fox & Sydney Harbour Bridge #2

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Michael, you have an ex commando going to war with you. We are elite, these so called experts are nothing but politically oriented wankers who try to get at us elite soldiers. I invite others to join the war, this is our job, look after the people of Australia.

Speaking from his northern beaches home, Mr Fox told the newspaper: “It’s the first one… The second one I intend, you know, this is only the tip of the iceberg.” (ninemsn). Yes Michael, you are quite correct. We have a common purpose and only we actually understand a mission brief.

What I have is the evidence that the Courts are behind it all, the best part is that I have advised Chief Justice Diana Bryant about it all so she would do the predictable – try and ignore it. All the stuff they tried to ignore, destroy etc I kept to hang the pricks with. I havent seen my son in over 3 years, believed now to have been taken out of the country. Who was behind it all? You got it, the Family Law Court.

It is no wonder that so many kids die. They are behind it all. What did they try with me? They tried to prove that I was never even in the army, let alone Commando.



I have been prepared for this day, the Court is about to go under. The name of the Judge that tried to hang me was Justice David Collier. They had no evidence, so they had to invent something. That Michael is what happened to you and every Vetnam vet that ever had a problem with them. Some half arsed shrink always sees people as having something wrong.

The fight is well underway.


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