Turnbull Finally Makes a Correct Decision

There is a very faint glimmer of hope for the imbecile, a faint glimmer but to be fair must give

Australian Green Party Supports Terrorism

RICEI want all Muslims to know that the Australian Greens support themShe said ALL folks, гэж

More Polly Dual National Crap

How in hell are we going to, with a clear conscience, go after these radicals and criminals when the bloody

Civil War in Australia

Highly respected Australian identity Dick Smith has warned of itthe website has been saying the very same thing

Same Sex Marriage

Its total bullshit, this issue has been rejected a few times before. These queers will never take no for an

Turnbull and His Diversity Programme

Turnbull simply has no idea at all. Islamic’s being hauled in everywhere for violent crimes, refuse to stand for Courts.

Turnbull is History NowGay Marriage His Downfall

Being a spineless gutless wonder who cannot decide a single thing at all has finally shafted himself. Labor played a

Asylum Seekers Get Free Healthcare in QLD

The Queensland government has reintroduced a policy to provide free health care to asylum seekers who are ineligible for Medicare.

Islamic Labor MP Khalil EidehDual Citizen

I have one simple question, being a dual citizen why is Islamic Labor MP Khalil Eideh still in Parliament? Өө

Greens Vote Drops Through The Floor

There is a poll at the bottom of this web page. No surprise here at all. This was clearly a