Nathan Rees

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Nathan Rees, another one of NSW disastrous Premiers… And you Nathan are one of the worst we ever had after Bob Carr – you know, out Foreign Affairs Minister. Where do you get off at you fool.

nathan rees

Ok Nathan Rees – lemon sucking time is over:

I quote:

Labor’s acting education spokesman Nathan Rees has accused NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell of breaking an election promise by negotiating with a fringe interest group to secure passage of dodgy legislation.

The Greens’ education spokesman John Kaye said Mr O’Farrell had rolled his own Education Minister Adrian Piccoli, who promised in opposition to leave the classes untouched, as he pandered to a small minority group.


Lets get the facts right here Nathan Rees. We had many years of the most inept backstabbing lying cheating deceiving buch of idiots that ever existed. A lot of them faced criminal charges for various things. Now we have got Gillard doing exactly what you hold O’Farrell responsible for. Fred Nile is at least mainstream. You pander to every bit of riff raff down and out low life that exist in this country. And selling it out. You headed one of the most corrupt governments we ever had, the prosecutions are the evidence.

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