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New Zealand CYF – Child Youth and Family. I will reprint here what they say on their own website – “Our people are passionate about caring for kids and supporting families. We are the single biggest employer of social workers in the country. In addition to more than 1,300 social workers and specialist support staff, we have teams dedicated to supporting our 4,500 caregivers. We also work with those helping young offenders get their lives back on track. Our service is supported by specialist staff; including psychologists, evidential interviewers, and legal advisors specialising in child protection law.”

One of the great New Zealand Websites –

childrens porn awards


Right – the amount of people who lose their kids as soon as they in any way complain about these clowns is staggering. This lot are as inept and corrupt as ours are here in Australia. Add onto that criminally motivated freaks who are simply into trying to control the population through the children. These lot are simply another arm of the United Nations Fabian society the same as the Family Law Court is here. Have no sympathy of these people or anyone who works for them.

The latest story and one of their most spectacular disgraces is the of an 11 year old boy and his approved foster carer mother. One cannot but think that all these lot are running is a pimping racket for frustrated friendly cougars. What else are they up to?


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Then there is this newspaper article…

Family Review – “Into the River” by Ted Dawes

Back to school and Steph takes Devon to see their music teacher Willie during the weekend. Willie takes the boys to an isolated beach and they swim naked, then smoke a joint. The session finishes back at Willie’s house where the boys strip, and photos are taken of the boys (more sexual abuse)….these photos are added to a large pile of photos of naked boys.

Willie is one of the teachers that leads a school camp to Waiheke Island and both Steph and Devon are opportunistic to sneak graphic sexual encounters. The teachers in ‘control’ of camp lead the students in drug taking of ecstasy (drug abuse) and ends with a night swim complete with naked teacher and student engaging in an incident of statutory rape (yet more sexual abuse). No teacher holds any student accountable and it is a vile misuse of a teacher’s position and power.”

Marvelous isn’t it.

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