– the standard of reporting…

In this story about Brad, Jennifer and Angelina…

The picture is titled

“Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in 2004. (AAP)”

Now anyone can make a mistake however these journo’s with their university degrees simply make way too many mistakes. Doesn’t anyone there know how to spell? The standards are that of a 10 year old. Do these people actually go to school and learn basics?

For their information, these most learned of people, the picture is of Brad and Jennifer…

Oh yes the story…

It was something about when Jen found out that Brad was having it off with Ange he got kicked out of the house.

This is really riveting stuff, and thank god I read it, the truth finally emerges. As if anyone really cares.

Come on you lot, in order to hire anyone these days you ask for a handwritten resume. The standard of education has dropped that much it’s showing in your own backyard. To make matters worse, you have computers and spell checkers. So what happened to the proof readers?

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