On Bob Brown – Greens

On Bob Brown - Greens

On Bob Brown – Greens

Bob Brown – Former Green Party Leader… The Great Illegal Immigrant Circus

Bob Brown, come on mate. you did a great thing with the Franklin River issue but sadly you have hit your use by date. Your party and beliefs have been hijacked by all the riff raff and idiots around. Its a case of the inmates running the asylum now.

On this illegal immigrant debacle. You, Bob Brown say you are against the whole Malaysia deal. The question is if why dont you stop it? Oh yes, your excuse was you dont want to bring down Labor.

Here is the quote from ninemsn:

Greens leader Bob Brown says the Malaysian asylum-seeker swap plan is unacceptable, but he says he won’t bring down the Labor government because the coalition would be worse.

Really? Where is your sense of justice gone? Where has your so called integrity and human decency gone?

He continues:

“We don’t see the advantage that the government apparently sees in sending people to Malaysia, in particular vulnerable children and/or their families,” Bob Brown told ABC Television.

“Whether they are accompanied or not they should be processed here onshore in Australia as all other equivalent reasonable countries do around the world.”

Lets simply get to the truth of it shall we? If you really had any balls Bob Brown – thats questionable too, you would put your principles and ideals first. Not this garbage excuse thats a total crock. Its all about being in Government. You, as well as us know your reign is short lived. You, like the rest of them, will sell out anything for the power.

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